Day Center

Club Ami consists first of all in a place that allows encounters, a place where being welcomed is worked out by the collective. It is a therapeutic day center where you can come and go, stop for a brief moment, or stay for a long time. In this sense, Club Ami is the expression of the members who inhabit it, who work there and nourish the atmosphere. It is a place that lives through the different gestures that carry it.

Club Ami consist in multiple activities that allow the members to break out of their routine as well as to create a rhythm. There are several workshops: movements, drawing, songs, poetry, cooking, ornithology, reading, sound, gardening, Landart, pinhole, etc. There are also visits: to a museum, a gallery, a neighborhood, a farm, a beach, a sugar shack, a lark. Then there are occasional activities such as the film club, various formations, concerts and therapeutic bingos.

Club Ami consist in the Radio de l’à côté that allows the members to participate in the creation of a podcast.

Club Ami consist in the Cahiers de Club Ami which collects a set of texts, drawings, photographs, creations of all kinds and brings them together in a zine that appears frequently.

Club Ami consists in a place where it is possible to sit, relax, listen, talk, and create a point of attachment.

Club Ami also consist in psychosocial support that intervenes in terms of various essential needs, various forms of suffering, help regarding demands directed toward the health system as well as to various government authorities.

Club Ami consist in an associative life animated by the members who can intervene in the choice of activities, who can participate in the board of directors and during the annual general meeting and, quite simply by being present on site.

Club Ami consist in a collection of experiences that means that every day you have to try to reinvent yourself so that something can happen.

Club Ami consist, therefore, in a place that waits for you to set foot there.

Annual Report 2020-2021

Annual Report 2019-2020

Annual Report 2018-2019


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