We value volunteer work in our organization and are very grateful of all the community’s support for our activities. Volunteering at Club Ami is a chance to be in contact with generous people, a dynamic team and a welcoming place.

We need volunteers to support our team in their activities, to welcome our members throughout the day and to be present for the less fortunate. Club Ami is a place of learning; a lively and heterogenous place, where every person that enters through our door becomes a full member of our community.

Becoming a volunteer

  • Contact Maxence L.Valade at club.ami.cdn@gmail.com>club.ami.cdn@gmail.com by presenting yourself so we can know what your interests are in volunteering (experiences, motivations, studies, etc.).
  • We will suggest a first meeting so you can visit our premises, meet our members, and see if it suits your interests.
  • Thus, we will be able to decide the frequency of your visits and consider your particular interests!

For the many hours of their time given, we would like to warmly thank our present and past volunteers:


  • Maryam Evanova Radjabi (trainee in med school ULaval)
  • Fannie Gaufillet (trainee in art therapy)
  • Kimberly Vanegas (trainee in social work, UdeM)
  • Valérie Richard (trainee in social work, UdeM)
  • Arnaud Valade
  • Camille Gravel


  • Catherine Fatima-Ribeiro
  • Carlos Sanchez
  • Catherine Delisle-L’heureux
  • Eugénie Jobin-Tremblay
  • Laura Kassar
  • Myra Hogues
  • Simon Labbé
  • Marie-Christine Quenneville
  • Eustache de Gaulejac


  • Mathieu Raymond-Tremblay (trainee in nursing sciences UdeM)
  • Joëlle Boucher (trainee in nursing sciences UdeM)
  • Murad Tizi (trainee in nursing sciences UdeM)
  • Laurence Gagnier (trainee in nursing sciences UdeM)
  • Marilyn Butler
  • Anne Lardeux
  • Trycia Kouchache
  • Julie DouangPanya (trainee in nursing sciences UdeM)
  • Fanny Desbiens
  • Maxence L.Valade


  • Roubina Kasparian
  • Lily Cyiza
  • Maxence L.Valade
  • Mariam Nabil
  • Meileen Foug Sung
  • Coline Fournout
  • Myriam Dussault
  • Andreea Berbecaru
  • Laurence Koslosky

Thank you for making our team wonderful!

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