Code of Conduct

Club Ami is a place of listening, socialization and activity seeking to fight isolation.

It is a place of respect, exchange and sharing in a friendly environment that is welcoming to all.

Accordingly, it is essential that everyone respects each individual here for who they are, what they think, what they say, and what they do. 

Violence – emotional or physical – is strictly prohibited and can lead to an immediate expulsion.

The consumption of alcohol is prohibited. Persons in a state of intoxication will be denied services.

Anyone who walks in Club Ami becomes a potential member. Members may participate in all of the activities at Club Ami. In general, our activities are free; however, we reserve the right to request a small contribution from members for certain outings.

The employees of Club Ami serve the members within the limits of their professional framework and personal capacity.

Any form of solicitation is strictly prohibited on the premises.

Similarly, the employees are not allowed to receive gifts or personal invitations.

Please note that Club Ami cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen belongings.

Club Ami is a shared space, and the participation in its maintenance is expected from everyone. At 4:45 PM, members will begin the process of putting away their things. 

Access to the kitchen is reserved for employees, except during particular group activities.

Everyone is invited to use the telephone in a respectful and reasonable manner.

Access to the Internet is limited to 30 minutes per person.

This Code of Conduct will be permanently displayed on the premises, to be upheld by staff and members alike. New members will also be asked to read and abide by its principles.

Any person who violates the Code of Conduct at Club Ami will receive a verbal warning, and will eventually be expelled, temporarily or permanently, should the behaviour continue. This expulsion can only be decided after an extraordinary meeting of the administrative committee.

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